Where you stay is a key element of your holiday and we take great care in choosing your hotels. We are inclined to opt for accommodation with some character as are most of our clients.

Typically you may stay in one of the legendary grand palaces or royal hunting lodges, perhaps a boutique property, a merchant mansion in an ancient quarter or a colonial bungalow in a remote location; many retaining the feel of times gone by. We also inevitably feature modern hotels, from modest to luxurious.

The selection is based on facilities, comfort, service, atmosphere, location, food, price and, importantly, the feedback from our clients over the years.

There are places where we have to accept what is available, as there is limited or no choice. We do advise you what to expect if we feel the accommodation may be below par.

We have personally inspected most hotels featured in our tours; they vary in range from simple tents and guest houses to the ultra luxurious. The nature of your tour as well as your own expectations influences the choice of accommodation.

Some of the hotels used by us are featured here to give the reader an idea of the kind of accommodation to expect when travelling with us. As a tailor-made specialist, we do not forget that it is you who makes the final selection; we are here to assist.

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